To better protect you, our IRs, from possible online identity fraud, QNet first introduced the KYC at V-Malaysia 2010 earlier this year, and it is now obligatory for all new IRs. After getting valuable feedback from you, we decided to make some important changes to KYC to support the continued growth of your QNet business.

Effective immediately, the Virtual Office (the most important business tool to manage your network) will remain accessible after the KYC deadline is passed. However, your Quest Account will be blocked and will only be re-activated after the necessary document is received and verified.

We believe that this change will allow you to continue with your business, but it is also extremely crucial that you complete the KYC so that together we can ensure better protection of your online security.

If you haven’t completed the KYC yet, why not do it now? It’s simple and easy:

–          Scan your valid photo ID* with your signature affixed to certify the document.

–          Submit it to QNet when you register for this process .

For existing IRs, when signing up new IRs, please explain this process to them. If they do not submit the document within the submission period, we will have to deactivate the new IR’s Quest Account until the valid ID copy is received and verified. Once again, for Quest Account security, it is mandatory for ALL new IRs to submit the document.

Go to your Virtual Office for more information.

*National ID, Driver’s License, Passport or any other document that is legally recognisable / acceptable in the IR’s registered country.