Did you know that recently QNet organised the first Product Ambassador Training to promote a better understanding about a particular QNet product amongst the IRs and train product experts? And the first product chosen for this initiative was the popular skin care solution from France, Physio Radiance!

The Ambassadors with QNet Malaysia General Manager, Mr V. Navaratnam (fourth from left) and QNet Senior Product Trainer, Ms Mariel Yoro (fifth from left).

To emphasise the importance of being Physio Radiance Ambassadors, QNet organised a special follow-up training session in Malaysia where the Ambassadors received a more in-depth training about the product and their experiences in using and promoting QNet’s first anti-aging skin care product. The training was facilitated by QNET Senior Product Trainer, Ms Mariel Yoro.

The one-day training started with an open session where the Ambassadors shared the amazing results of Physio Radiance on their skin in a short span of two months. They also had the chance to discuss and learn how to address feedback from their prospects and Downlines with their fellow Ambassadors. The second part of the training covered Presentation Skills & Workshop – but with a twist. This time, the Ambassadors were able to present Physio Radiance on a whole different level. Aside from the usual product presentation, it now had more passion and conviction as each presentation included their personal testimonials on how Physio Radiance changed and greatly improved their skin.

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