For two days in December, Hong Kong and Singapore have turned into the centers of knowledge and experience of QNet’s new star products: Physio Radiance and HomePure. After successful Product Ambassador training that took place in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year, QNet carried out similar events in Hong Kong on 4-5 December and in Singapore, 11-12 December.

IR receiving a certification from Ms Yoro (left) and Network Support Manager, Ms Sharon Quak (right).

The sessions aimed to educate QNet product ambassadors about the products. Devoting one day to each product enabled us to have in-depth look and to listen to professionals in their respective fields. Competent experts were invited to tell the participants about water quality, purification as well as pros and cons of Reverse Osmosis, Ultra-Violet and Ultra-Filtration water systems. For Physio Radiance, the key points were causes of skin ageing as ways to fight them. The IRs had lots of opportunities to ask questions on these topics.

Then our Senior Product Trainer Ms Mariel Yoro told IRs about each product and the best ways to present them. Product ambassadors had a chance to exercise their knowledge and skills in product presentation after Ms Mariel’s presentations. For both HomePure and Physio Radiance, role games were organised.

These lively and exciting trainings both in Hong Kong and Singapore have gathered excellent feedback. With their newly acquired knowledge and training certificates, the Ambassadors left determined to use HomePure and Physio Radiance themselves and to tell the world about these amazing products.

Interested? Stay tuned, since we continue organising these fun and effective trainings and your city can be next!