The Gem Collection – A Compilation of Wisdom by QI Group Managing Director Mr Joseph Bismark, is a veritable fount of wisdom for those stumbling along in the desert of life. Like cool, refreshing water, it can quench your thirst for wisdom that can help set you on the right path to introspection and personal growth. RYTHM House Publishing is pleased to offer this fountain of acumen to Mr Bismark’s home country, the Philippines.

On 11 December 2010, Mr Bismark’s maiden book was officially launched in Bestsellers Book Stores, Robinsons Galleria in Manila, Philippines. It was truly a glitzy launch fit for the co-founder and Group Managing Director of the QI Group of Companies.

Mr Joseph Bismark with the VIPs during the launch. From left - right: Judith Reyes, Mrs Kintanar, Mr T.G. Kintanar, Mr Bismark, Ms Imson and General Yoro.

Officially launching the book in the presence of more than 100 enthusiastic customers and well-wishers, Ms Donna Imson, Executive Chairperson of QNet Ltd (a subsidiary under the QI Group) said, “This book gives us a wonderful peek into the thoughts of the man that is Joseph Bismark who has always strived to remind us that success is not just built on material achievements, but also on spiritual growth, inner satisfaction and peace, which can only be acquired through meaningful service to others. The stories here are simple, drawn from daily life, yet immensely impactful as they lead the reader towards a greater awareness.”

The book, which the author maintains as “not really a book but just a compilation of my musing and reflections, brought about by my experiences and insights on random, everyday matters,” has been described by many readers as a refreshing reminder in today’s fast-paced world. It teaches us that true wealth stems from a life that is lived in harmony with oneself and the people around us.

Book signing session: Mr Bismark with one of his many fans.

The compilation began as a series of thought-provoking emails and intranet articles by Mr Bismark to his fellow colleagues around the world. It eventually evolved and took on a life of its own as the readers started to share the Gems of Wisdom with their friends and associates outside of the company. Soon, his blog ensued and it was only a matter of time before it turned into a book so that more and more people benefit the same way the author did, when these gems were passed on to him by the greatest teacher of all – life.

Speaking to fans during the book signing ceremony, the modest author said “In true sense, I have not really authored this book, but merely compiled the learnings that I have been fortunately exposed to, in my journey of life. I hope you derive as much pleasure reading it, as I have had, writing it.”

The Gem Collection – A Compilation of Wisdom is now available in National Book Store outlets across the Philippines. It is also available in MPH Malaysia and Singapore.