Indonesian IRs ended the year of 2010 with two major events: a series of business development trainings held in Bali and Jakarta during mid-December and Amoeba’s monstrous anniversary celebration in Yogyakarta.

Balinese leaders posed with VC Rosli Ismail after the training.

In his motivational training, VC Rosli Ismail encouraged the networkers at the Bali event to get back to basics: do business presentation, continue to learn; empty your cup. To be successful in this business, it’s important to build and develop it honestly, always keep the Company’s good name and “keep learning until you reach your dreams”.  Before VC Rosli went on stage, QNet Corporate Communications Manager, Ms Wita Dahlan, presented the QNet profile and pointed out what direct selling is all about. She closed her presentation by introducing the new QNet Indonesia General Manager, Mr Arianto Darmasto, who spoke about how to focus and how to always strive to achieve maximum results. At the Jakarta event, AVP Hendra Nilam encouraged the audience by emphasising that QNet offered a global business, and that IRs should follow the system and grab the business opportunity from anywhere in the world.

Afterwards, on 22 December, the people of Yogyakarta witnessed something they had never seen before – a crowd of 11,000 networkers from the Amoeba Team overflowing the Jogja Expo Centre in a celebration to commemorate Amoeba’s 9th Anniversary. Amoeba Team founder VC Gita Hartanto was joined on the stage byVP Sathi Senathirajah, AVP Hendra Nilam, VC Henry Tio and VC Angela Fadil. Each speaker imparted motivational messages and business advice on the gigantic stage.

The evening’s climax was when The V Managing Director, VP Pathman Senathirajah, passionately congratulated Amoeba leaders and the whole audience for their achievement – growing the business almost all over Indonesia. He was cheered by the audience when he reminded them once again how everybody deserved a chance in their lives, and that everyone had the right to be successful.