¿Habla usted español? (Do you speak Spanish?) ¿Si? (Yes?)

Você fala Português? (Do you speak Portuguese?) Sim? (Yes?)

So does your QNet Business Planner & Product Portfolio!

To support you in your business endeavours and create an even better platform for all the product information and business tools you need, we’re working to launch the QNet Business Planner & Product Portfolio in your local languages. So far, we have the QNet Business Planner & Product Portfolio available in English, Arabic, Farsi, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Turkish and Traditional Chinese. Now, we’re taking another step by introducing the QNet Business Planner & Product Portfolio in Spanish and Portuguese!

Get to know your QNet business and products better as your QNet Business Planner & Product Portfolio is now available in your Virtual Office in Spanish and Portuguese, in eBook and PDF formats. You can now read all about every QNet product with fantastic brochures in the Product Portfolio and advance your business with the Business Planner, which includes the Policies & Procedures, Compensation Plan, and Quick Start Guide, wherever and whenever you want.

Plus, the entire Product Portfolio is also available on QNet public websites. This makes it even easier for you to present the products to your Downlines and prospects!

Don’t forget, you can always find out other information on QNet in your multilingual websites — including Spanish and Portuguese, plus many other languages! You can either choose your desired language in the language drop-down menu:

Or, you can go to the multilingual websites directly:

English: www.qnet.net
Arabic: www.qnet.net/ar
Azeri: www.qnet.net/az
Bahasa Indonesia: www.qnet.net/id
Farsi: www.qnet.net/fa
French: www.qnet.net/fr
Russian: www.qnet.net/ru
Traditional Chinese: www.qnet.net/zh
Portuguese: www.qnet.net/pt
Spanish: www.qnet.net/es

With QNet, we always bring you the best!