“To our family and friends of Egypt,

On behalf of the entire QNet family, our thoughts, hearts and prayers go out to you during this difficult and disturbing time of upheaval. We extend our true sympathies and concern, and hope that you, your family, friends, loved ones and colleagues are safe.

I ask the whole QNet family to join together in offering our brothers and sisters in Egypt our heartfelt prayers, and that the unrest within the country comes to a safe, peaceful and resolute conclusion for the best welfare of all.”

– JR Mayer
QNet Managing Director

“To our brothers and sisters in Egypt, The V is saddened by the current state of political unrest in the country and our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are caught in the midst of this crisis. On behalf of the V, I encourage every member of the global family to pray for the safe and quick resolution of this crisis.”

– Pathman Senathirajah
The V

In service,
QNet & The V