If you’re a new IR, this announcement is important for you!

When you signed up with QNet and purchased your first product, you entered the KYC Process. The KYC Process is aimed to protect you from online fraud and identity thieves. To complete the process, all you have to do is photocopy/scan your valid ID*, sign the document and submit it to QNet.

We understand that many of you are busy setting up your new business and might forget about the KYC. As a result, your Quest Account gets blocked for your own protection. We have received a lot of feedback about this and we do listen to what you have to say.

So, starting from today, 2 February 2011, we re-activated all the deactived Quest Accounts and giving you more time to complete the KYC Process! To learn more, simply login to your Virtual Office!

Remember, the KYC Process is here to help and protect YOU while you concentrate on your business. We look forward to your cooperation.

*National ID, Driver’s License, Passport or any other document that is legally recognisable / acceptable in the IR’s registered country.