Are you a long-time fan of Amezcua products? Or are you too skeptical about all this ‘energy stuff’? In both cases, you have probably heard about the Amezcua Lifestyle Set, the newest addition to the Amezcua family.

Then, the questions pop up:

What is it about this product that’s so special? Is it just because it’s three discs instead of one?

The answer here is yes… and no. Yes, there are three discs, but no – there is so much more about this product that we all love.

Years ago, when the first energy products were invented and introduced, it was a true scientific breakthrough. Many of them still remain firm favourites for millions of customers all over the world, but we know that time doesn’t stand still and only constant improvements can sustain today’s advancing world of energy. So we used our time to develop and test new products, to conduct more research to bring you the best. This is how the Amezcua Lifestyle Set came to life! Working on it, scientists were thinking “How do we get the most out of energy products to maximise the goodness in your food, drinks, and even your body?”

This is where years of research come in handy. They have allowed scientists to develop specialised energy frequencies for optimal results.

Yes, that’s right!

The three discs in the Amezcua Lifestyle Set have different frequencies. The Amezcua DRINK is most effective for energising water and other liquids. The Amezcua EAT affects food best. It has antioxidating effects, which increases the shelf life of products and enhances their taste. As for the Amezcua MOVE, it has positive effects on the human body energy, fights e-smog, and improves the way one feels.

How does this work?

Each disc contains a variety of vibrational frequencies, which is basically information captured from the original substance using special technology. For example, the information of an herb which has healing properties can be captured. When a disc with this information comes into close proximity or contact with water, food or human body, it then has the same healing effect as the original substance, without using any of the original stock of the herb.

One way to think about it is like recording a live band on a vinyl disc. The disc is storing a copy of the information (vibrational frequencies) of the original musical instruments, and when the music is being played, it is just the disc, not the original music instruments.

Advanced Vibrational Frequencies

The specific vibrational frequencies selected for each disc of the Amezcua Lifestyle Set help to benefit the human body, water and food. Frequency of each disc has specific properties:

The Amezcua EAT reduces oxidisation, meaning shelf life is increased. The Amezcua DRINK contains frequencies that energise and  improve the taste of beverages.

The frequencies of Amezcua MOVE enhances and harmonises the human body energy. The Amezcua MOVE has an additional layer which contains information to protect you from the effects of e-smog. It’s the perfect everyday companion, isn’t it?

The Amezcua Lifestyle Set is more than just three sleek, lightweight aluminium discs. This product features the latest in-depth energy technology that allows you to live every moment of your life with specific types of energy to help you live your life to the fullest.

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