Have you heard about VFan? She’s your insider access to everything about Marussia Virgin Racing and F1!

As the Official Direct Selling Partner of Marussia Virgin Racing, QNet’s Head of Network Communications, Ms Jodi A. Hammond,  assumes a new role from behind the desk to behind the racetrack. She is VFan, and the team has brought her into the thick of F1 to give YOU an all-access, behind-the-scenes look into the Marussia Virgin Racing Team!

The catch? She doesn’t know much at all about F1, but is about to receive a steep education in the pinnacle of motorsports!

VFan touched down in London yesterday, ready for today’s much awaited launch of the MVR-02 championship challenger at BBC Television Studios. VFan will give you some of the world’s very first and exclusive photos of the new car, plus unique insights into the invite-only event.

After the car launch, VFan will take you to Jerez, Spain, to sneak you on-set of the team’s two days of filming the new car on the circuit… and this will double as the first time the MVR-02 has turned a wheel!

Next stop on VFan’s European MVR Tour will be two official F1 pre-season test events across Spain, featuring all the teams that are contending in the 2011 Formula One Championship!

Throughout the year, VFan will give you an up-close encounter with Grand Prix weekends around the world, reporting live from the track, pitlane, Paddock Club, the Marussia Virgin racing Motorhome, and more!

Plus, VFan will have some exciting competitions throughout the year with exclusive prizes – including the chance to be VFan for a Day and join her behind-the-scenes at an F1 Grand Prix near you!

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