You’ve been thinking about it for months, you’ve made it your passion and you’ve let it drive you to success… Yes, it is all about the Bonanza Extravaganza! Today is THE day when the results are announced!

We congratulate you on your motivation, your competitive spirit and your networking skills! You worked well, worked smart, and you have won. Whether it is your Bonanza shares, strengthening and growing your team, or the growth of your commissions, you have achieved your goal! And some of you have joined QNet during the Bonanza period and earned lots of opportunities to grow your business, while changing your own life as well as the lives of others. Our special congratulations and thanks go to our new IRs! Welcome to the family!

However, we know what so many of you are waiting for and what makes the Bonanza Extravaganza so exciting: your Bonanza Shares!  To find out how many Bonanza shares you’ve earned the Bonanza shares, please go to your inbox.Your prizes will be credited to your Quest Accounts this Wednesday, 16 February. Congratulations on your rewards!

The Bonanza Extravaganza is exciting not only because of the Bonanza Shares, but because of the spirit and motivation it gives. It truly shows how much you are capable of and should give you a true sense of pride and accomplishment. And you’ve proven to be so by generating thousands of Bonanza Shares this year!

As QNet Managing Director Mr JR Mayer said in his congratulatory message to the winners,

You have shown that you certainly have what it takes to motivate yourself and lead your team! Great work! I am especially proud to have you as part of the QNet family… Networkers like yourself are who make QNet the dynamic and successful family of global entrepreneurs that we are today. Thank you for your dedication, your leadership and your passion.’’