What skin care system are you using? Are you dissatisfied with it? Join our growing group of Physio Radiance lovers, who switched to this exclusive anti-aging skin care solution and fell in love with how amazing the product works!

Physio Radiance Product Ambassadors in Hong Kong have declared Physio Radiance as their absolute favourite skin care product! Six weeks after the Product Ambassador Training Programme in December, QNet Senior Product Trainer Ms Mariel Yoro and the team went back to Hong Kong for a follow-up training and see how our Ambassadors are doing. This time, Product Ambassadors’ shared their first-hand experiences with their fellow Ambassadors and incorporated these experiences into new-improved presentations.

After using Physio Radiance for just a few months, the Ambassadors had a lot to share, and what better way for IRs to improve their presentation skills than by letting a professional Product Trainer give  feedback, comments and advice?

There was a high turnout at the follow-up session. Indeed, the Product Ambassadors’ feedback about Physio Radiance was absolutely positive. The majority said that their skin feels smoother and looks younger since switching to Physio Radiance. Those with dry skin commented that the dryness had disappeared. Product Ambassadors with oily skin shared that after a few months of using Physio Radiance, excess oiliness was gone! Overall feedback was excellent and IRs have already recommended this product to their Downlines, family and friends!

And this is what our Physio Radiance Ambassadors say:

“In my first application of Physio Radiance, I felt that my skin was softer and smoother than before. My skin is now hydrated all day long and much healthier!”

-Elis Rusnawati, Hong Kong

“My skin is smoother and clearer. The fine lines and wrinkles on my face are getting lighter. My friends say I look much younger than before. Physio Radiance is truly amazing!”

– Rosalinda Garibay Ico, Hong Kong

“I noticed a big difference on my skin after using Physio Radiance. My skin is softer, smoother, and fresher than before.”

-Hartati, Hong Kong

“After using Physio Radiance for a month and a half, I noticed that my skin is less oily and more radiant. I also have less pimples. I’m very happy now.”

-Olvy Siwi, Hong Kong

Already using Physio Radiance? Have your own experiences to share? Email us at shareyourstory@qnet.net to tell your story about your favourite products! Looking forward to hearing from you!