After great success with the Product Ambassador Training Programme in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, QNet initiated another exciting Ambassador Training Programme in Indonesia! This marked the first time the Amezcua Lifestyle Set had its own Ambassador Training Programme, together with HomePure. In addition, training was arranged in three different locations – Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali – to reach even more IRs and allow them to be part of these three-day training programmes. Our two product trainers, Ms Mariel Yoro and Mr Ashley Williams, delivered informative, interesting training presentations to Indonesian IRs, with more than 120 IRs at the training, ready to learn!

Product Ambassadors learnt about the products, their properties, and better ways to present the products to prospective customers. Much research and scientific information about both HomePure and Amezcua Lifestyle Set were provided, so there was a lot to learn! HomePure training was especially important for Indonesia, where sources of water and water quality differ throughout the country. This is why QNet invited local Indonesian water experts to join the HomePure trainings and explain the water condition in each specific area making it easier for IRs to understand the water situation in their country, and to have a clearer understanding of water purification in general as well as the process and stages of water filtration with HomePure.

The surprise news was the exciting incentive for promoting HomePure, in which the IR with the highest number of HomePure sales would be eligible to win a ticket pass to V-Malaysia 2011!

If you are in Indonesia, you must have heard about these trainings or even attended them. And if you are living elsewhere, then maybe your country and your city will be next? Stay tuned for more great training programmes from QNet!

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