While people in many countries were celebrating Nowruz, we were thinking about how to make this spring a new chapter in QNet business for our Persian-speaking IRs, who live all over the world. And we have a beautiful surprise for them!

If you speak Persian, you’ll be delighted to know that effective from 22 March 2011, we speak your language! Striving to be closer to you and to give you every tool to make the most out of your opportunities, we will open a 24/7 Persian NSG hot line number at +1 619 419 2810. Now, every question you might have will be answered in your language, with the highest level of service, commitment and professionalism!

Please note that calling on this US direct number will be much cheaper than the regular international line. By dialling this number, you will reach our NSG Customer Service Team. We look forward to hearing from you in Persian at +1 619 419 2810.

As you know, we are very excited about communicating with our IRs in their native language. Business kits, product brochures, websites, training videos, multilingual NSG lines – everything to be closer to you and to make sure that QNet feels like home to you.