The Himalayan Crystal Love Pendant – Diamond is more than just a beautiful jewellery piece. The Himalayan Crystal is encircled by 18 K white gold and a twinkling string of diamonds, while in the soul of the Himalayan Crystal lays the veritable sign of love, devotion, passion and admiration: a diamond-filled heart. Besides being a luxurious pendant, this piece can positively influence the wearer’s energy. Researchers of crystals believe that they can assist in conducting and transferring energy to the user, and can also contribute to an increase and balance in people’s energy levels.

It has been found that crystals naturally absorb energy from nature. Himalayan Crystals have been exposed to more than 200 million years of natural energy, buried deep within the Himalayan Ranges. This means they have more enhanced natural energy over other crystals. Each precious crystal is hand mined from the Earth’s embrace in the highest mountains of the world. According to literature by crystal experts, the Himalayan Crystal amplifies energy and possesses a high-energy vibration. For these reasons, crystal lovers regard the Himalayan Crystal as the most versatile ‘well-being’ crystal in the mineral kingdom.

Combine 200 million years of natural energy with timeless luxury and style to express your love with Himalayan Crystal Love Pendant – Diamond.

Content18 K white gold
CrystalHimalayan Crystal
Precious StoneDiamond 0.19 ct, H Colour, SI Clarity
Diameter23 mm
* Complimentary rubber cord with silver rhodium-plated clasp

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