Happy IRs in Bursa, Turkey.

Knowing your products well is the best way to present it to someone else. The more you know about the products, the better equipped you are to talk to your prospects and clients. That’s why QNet’s Product Training team travels the width and breadth of the globe, from Asia to Europe and Africa, to give our IRs better knowledge about your favourite products.

Not only do our Product Trainers conduct numerous Product Trainings for QNet IRs, they also give training sessions to our Local Plans and franchise companies. Earlier in March, Qnet Promosyon, Pazarlamave Turizm Ltd. Şti (Qnet Promotion, Marketing & Tourism Ltd.), a franchisee of QNet, held the first Product Training events in Samsun and Bursa, Turkey.

Both of the Product Trainings for Qnet Promosyon focussed on Physio Radiance, the anti-aging French skin care solution. QNet Senior Product Trainer Ms Mariel Yoro gave an all-you-need-to-know presentation about the product to IRs. The Product Trainings were fun and informative. To even further emphasise that Physio Radiance is a skin care solution for everyone, both male and female, 95% of the participants were male and very much interested in this product!

In a two-day training session in Bursa, Ms Yoro also gave a preview of HomePure to the Qnet Promosyon IRs who were eager to learn even more!

Just like every other Product Training event, hundreds of Qnet Promosyon IRs took home a lot of product knowledge that will surely help expand their business!

QNet would like to thank Qnet Promosyon for giving us an opportunity to conduct these Product Trainings and we hope to be back inTurkey to enjoy your warm hospitality again soon.

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