Earlier in March, QNet Executive Chairperson and VP Ms Donna Imson won over the crowd in Abu Dhabi, the UAE and in Mumbai, India, in two successful Networking Seminar Series (NSS).

Ms Donna; VC Michael Ferrira; QNet Middle East General Manager, Mr Khaled Diab; and VCs with the In Service.

On 11 March, QNet IRs in Abu Dhabi welcomed V Council members at the NSS Abu Dhabi. After a parade of motivational talks and experience sharing, it was time for the star of the event. Ms Donna Imson came on stage and was welcomed with thunderous applause by the crowd. She talked about the importance of having a dream; of having a reason to get up in the morning every day and pursue your passions. She emphasised that life is about finding the why and not worrying about the how. “If your why is big enough, the how will follow,” said Ms Donna.

Another highlight of the NSS Abu Dhabi event was the introduction of I’m Alive. I’m Alive is a special training event facilitated by Ms Donna that aims to empower women in the business and help them understand their value as members of the network and as entrepreneurs.

Two days after the NSS in Abu Dhabi, Ms Donna greeted 1,400 IRs in Mumbai, India as they packed the Shri Shanmukhananda Auditorium and stayed the whole day to experience a very meaningful moment in their networking careers.

Together with V Council members, AVP K Padma shared their inspiring business experience and lessons to the participants. Then the crowd cheered at the top of their lungs to welcome Ms Donna on stage. She shared a few of the many unforgettable moments she had before joining QNet and how she managed to balance her life after being a member. Ms Donna showed strength, passion, and dedication during her speech. She revealed many difficult instances that happened to her and how she managed to overcome them and moved on to be very successful in the networking business. She finally brought the evening to a close and thanked the participants for taking the time to be there to experience the NSS Mumbai.

After a day of sharing space and stories with the greatest networkers in the world, the IRs in Abu Dhabi and Mumbai went home motivated, looking forward to the next event, and smiling with the realisation of their own success.

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