As your body ages, you lose the ability to maintain your usual lifestyle. You get tired more easily. Working out at the same schedule suddenly isn’t enough to keep you fit and firm. You’re more prone to being ill and your energy just drops.

What happens is natural but you can find it annoying as it prevents you from living your life the way you want. Old age is not the only factor that makes your body more fragile – exhaustion can affect the way you live your life as well.

As a networker, you work hard from the moment you open your eyes till your bed time. You meet people, introduce them to your business, present to them the products. Sometimes you have to travel for hours and then make a presentation in front of a crowd. Exhaustion is expected but this doesn’t mean that you can’t do something to help prevent it.

All QNet IRs know who Mr Pathman Senathirajah is. And we all admire him for his enthusiasm, liveliness and energy. But how can he stay active at the end of the day after talking, meeting, giving speeches and everything else he does? Here’s what he has to say:

“My professional calling as an international trainer and speaker entails hours of running events and being on stage, compounded with transatlantic travels. I have been doing this for nearly a decade and there have been countless times when my body has succumbed to exhaustion and the usual physical wear and tear. And then I discovered NutriSky®. Packed with natural energy-boosting ingredients, NutriSky® has greatly improved my stamina and endurance. Today, not only do I feel twice as energetic when I go onstage, I still have a few to spare for golf. NutriSky® is an unbelievable product by which I and a lot of people swear. If you want vitality on the go, all you need is a pack of NutriSky®.

“When you try NutriSky®, your life will improve in every aspect. Firstly, you have more stamina for networking. Secondly, your immunse system gets a boost, so you don’t fall sick so easily. Thirdly, your body gets rid of toxins far more efficiently than it ever has before.

“NutriSky® is made from Sweitenia Macrophylla, the only natural fruit with flavonoids and saponins – two unbelievable active ingredients made into a wonderful beverage powder.

“NutriSky® gives me the vitality when I need it.”

Now you know Mr Pathman’s secret to a healthy life. What’s yours?

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