CIMIER booth at BaselWorld 2011.

In the beginning of spring each year, horology experts, watch collectors and connoisseurs head to the same destination – Basel, Switzerland – for the BaselWorld Watch and Jewellery Show. Just like last year, around 2,000 companies in the jewellery, watch and precious-stone industries took part in an exhibition to showcase their latest products.

Amongst the numerous booths at BaselWorld 2011 was the CIMIER booth, which offered several new, unique, innovative model showcases. And this year, CIMIER was proud to present the first watch movement created by CIMIER. The showcases received a lot of positive response and feedback from the event attendees.

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The atmosphere at the BaselWorld 2011.

QNET always prides itself on its line of premium and luxury products, one of which is its renowned timepieces. Swiss made, crafted by skilled watchmakers with an eye for detail, the watches have always enjoyed high popularity amongst our Independent Representatives (IRs). And this is why two prominent figures from QNET, Bernhard H. Mayer (the founder of QNET’s favourite watch and jewellery brand, Bernhard H. Mayer®) and QNET Product Manager Suvimon Nopsuwan attended BaselWorld 2011, to keep up-to-date with new trends and to meet with product partners, including CIMIER.

When asked which trends QNET will introduce to our IRs this year, Nopsuwan smiled and said, “It would most likely include a retro style for gentlemen. They will love it, especially if they’re a fan of the Chrono line. For ladies, we’ll come out with some ladies’ fashion watches that will definitely take their breath away.”

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[Ed. updated 19/03/2015]