What’s the first thing people usually notice about each other when they first meet?

It’s the face.

To have a beautiful facial skin might sound out of reach for some people. Oily skin, pimples, wrinkles, dryness, you name it. But now with new technologies, taking care of your skin has suddenly become a lot easier!

Paraben- and preservative-free, French skin care solution Physio Radiance ensures that your skin will become younger and healthier. Physio Radiance is a hypoallergenic skin care range that helps your skin self-regulate, self-regenerate, and self-repair at a cellular level. Physio Radiance also contains Negative Hydrogen (H), the world’s smallest and most perfect antioxidant, which acts as a Cell Energy Booster and Free Radical Scavenger. Plus, Physio Radiance is designed for all – male or female, young or mature, whether Asian, Caucasian, or African and possessing normal, oily or dry skin.

It’s time to regain your youthfulness and add radiance to your skin!

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To help you enjoy your healthy skin more than ever, Physio Radiance is now available as a Physio Radiance ReplenisH Duo Pack and Physio Radiance ReplenisH- Qualifying Maxi Pack at special rates until Tuesday, 7 June 2011, 23:59 HKST!

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