Have you noticed that QNet has become a lot more active in social media during the last two years? Living in this exciting digital age, we cannot miss this fantastic opportunity of getting closer to you via Facebook, Twitter and here on the blog! This is why we were so excited to attend the ‘Digitalize Your Marketing Strategy!” social media conference recently held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Various speakers from different companies across the globe got together in Kuala Lumpur with one clear message to convey: “Digital and New Media is the future!” Why? Because it is very important in marketing and communications that we enhance the interaction between companies and consumers. Speakers included representatives of the Virgin Group, DELL, Intel Technology, LinkedIn International, Maybank and other companies, who believe that social media is becoming more and more important as a channel of communication.

For QNet, social media has become a very important tool to communicate with IRs. “Here at QNet, we recognise how powerful social media is. We use it to engage and connect with our networkers online because we want them to know that we are here 100 per cent in support of them achieving their goals and dreams. Furthermore, when it comes to the Internet, there are no geographical boundaries. Therefore, we are now able to assist someone in Egypt the same way we would someone in Malaysia through social media,” says Ben Chin, QNet Social Media and Communications Specialist, who attended the conference.

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*Photos below are provided by Top Link, the event organiser.