The QNet team together with Leaders from Tunisia.

Keeping in pace with our rapidly growing network, in the span of just one week, our Product Training Team travelled across continents to hold product training sessions in various countries. Just this year alone, the team met IRs in places such as Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong – just to name a few! This time, their hectic schedule takes them to Turkey, Tunisia and Portugal.

QNet Product Trainer Ashley Williams was there to give the best product training for IRs on QVI Club, In-Voice and Amezcua products.

In Turkey, a group of leaders from Turkmenistan discovered the allure and the full holiday concept of QVI Club. Moreover, our Turkmenistan leaders had the opportunity for a full hands-on experience with our In-Voice telecommunications products, discovering for themselves the advantages and benefits of the products. Initially reserved, IRs ended up having a blast exploring and learning about the features and benefits of QNet products. After they had spent six days at the ISB Leadership Camp, the product training allowed them to relax, play self-improvement games and experience their Chi energy for the first time.

From Eurasia, Ashley flew to Africa to visit our IRs in Tunisia. Joined with VC Mohanad Qais, they were greeted by a vibrant and enthusiastic crowd of 500 IRs. Although a relatively new network, the IRs were open, responsive and excited. This time, Ashley and VC Mohanad trained the Knights Team on QVI Club and Amezcua products. More than just a mere product training session in a classroom setting, the Knights Team were taught to open their inner energy, tap into their aura and feel their Chi. Between classes, they played games and activities to stimulate creativity and make them think outside of the box. “At the end of the day, we all stood up and danced to their traditional music. It was great fun,” explained Ashley.

After the vibrant city of Tunisia, Ashley visited one of the oldest cities in the world – Lisbon, Portugal. There, he joined VC Girinder Sharma and travelled through Lisbon to train 250 IRs over three days on QVI Club and Amezcua products. ‘Fun’ was part of the training. To be sure, IRs received the best training that could be given. “It’s always exciting to many people working as energy therapists who are benefitting from our Amezcua products,” said Ashley.

Although the Product Training Team will temporarily be slowing down their worldwide excursion in preparation for V-Malaysia 2011, they won’t be gone for long and of course, you can catch them in action at V-Malaysia! Stay tuned for updates on their travels!