QNet Business Development Executive, Ms Arti Asawa, with VP Adly Hassan Hamed (right) and the team from QNet and The V.

In March and April 2011, our Business Development Executive from Hong Kong, Ms Arti Asawa, traveled to Africa. While there, she visited Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Ougadougou, Burkina Faso; and Accra, Ghana for business development and training purposes.  Let’s have a look at what was covered during her visit there!

Arti began her trip in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. There she met with QNet official agent in Addis, Mr Betru Dimberu, V Partner Adly Hassan Hamed, VC Eskender Kassa, VC Theodros ‘Teddy’ Alebachew, V-Elite Leaders, as well as some IRs. The meeting focussed on how to take the services in Ethiopia to the next level so that our IRs can enjoy the products and services even more.

Next, Arti went on to Ougadougou, Burkina Faso where she met with QNet official agent, Mr Suleman Savadugo, and QNet staff. Training was given to the agent and staff on their role and responsibility as an agency. The training was implemented to ensure that full support was given to ground networkers in terms of any event planning and activities. A Professional Marketing presentation was conducted to make sure that IRs execute their business at a professional level and that their products not be misused or misrepresented.

QNet Business Development Executive, Arti Asawa, with IRs in Burkina Faso.

In Ghana, during a three-hour training session, Arti met with Leaders and stokists, VC Devaraj Jeevaratnam and VC Wafa Eltayeb Salih to get an update on consumable product registrations in addition to an update from the network on market growth.

In all the cities visited, staff were coached on how to deal with IR concerns and questions, so as to ensure the same level of service is provided in the agency and that there is daily communication with related departments at QNet.

After this trip, Arti and QNet hope that IRs in Africa will further enjoy our services and you can rest assured that, no matter where you are, QNet will be there to provide with the best service.