Start your engines, QNet, and get ready to experience the sights and sounds of the race track! The World Premiere of the first global TV commercial from QNet and Marussia Virgin Racing airs on ESPN STAR Sports tomorrow!! But in all the excitement, your F1 eyes and ears at the track – QNet VFan – simply couldn’t wait! She has a special preview screening of the commercial tonight, just for QNet IRs and customers!

Hi QNET! It’s QNet VFan here, back for another Grand Prix weekend! Not only is today the beginning of the Turkish GP’s Free Practice sessions, but I’ve just heard word that the World Premiere of the first global TV commercial from QNet and Marussia Virgin Racing airs on ESPN STAR Sports tomorrow!

But something this amazing just can’t wait! So, even before the world sees YOUR company, QNet, and YOUR F1 team, Marussia Virgin Racing, in their homes on their TV screens tomorrow, I’m breaking the rules and giving you an exclusive sneak preview screening of the 30-second commercial tonight on my VFan blog!

At 18:00 HKST tonight, be sure to head to for the exclusive Online World Premiere of the very first Formula One TV commercial for QNet and Marussia Virgin Racing!

Just in time for the Turkish Grand Prix in Istanbul this weekend, the power-packed TV ad draws parallels between the fast-paced team environments of Formula One and network marketing. Teamwork, Innovation, Passion and Success are built on a platform of performance in both of these high-powered worlds. It was fun and challenging working with the rest of our team on the filming (captured as part of my European Tour with MVR earlier this year), scripting, voice over-recording, and final editing of this ad! Many late nights were had, and even a number of arguments as we butted our creative heads together! And now we have it, and we’re all rather excited to see it in all of its ready-for-TV glory! I hope you enjoy it!

The TV commercial will be aired for the first time ever on TV this Saturday across South East Asia and India on ESPN STAR Sports, and next week, the QNet-MVR commercial will extend its global coverage with spots on TV stations CNN and MBC, offering both English and Arabic versions of the ad.

Be amongst the first to watch the ad, brought to you by QNet, the official direct selling partner of Marussia Virgin Racing, bringing you closer to Formula One than you’ve ever been before!!

See you at the track!

Driven to succeed…

VFan x