V-Malaysia 2011 is just around the corner and everyone at QNet is working hard to give you the best VCon experience ever!

Our IT team is also working on something special for you, our IRs. Last year, the IT team gave you two amazing platforms that helped you get in touch with your QNet business with just a fingertip – the IR Personal Website and the QNet Mobile Platform. This year, the team is back with some cool new features on your IR Personal Website which will be ready for you to experience at V-Malaysia 2011.

Wondering what’s happening this week, this month or even this year? With a new feature on your IR Personal Website, you can be sure you won’t miss any events, product launches or promotions. And the first new feature does just that – it’s the QNet Calendar!

To access the calendar, simply click on ‘Calendar’ under ‘Administration’ menu in the menu bar.

To view the event schedule, simply put the cursor on the date.

Isn’t it easy?

The QNet Calendar will be available for your use on  24 May 2011.

Are you tech savvy? You’ll love the second new feature on your IR Personal Website! What is it? Stay tuned as we come back next week!

Haven’t got your own IR Personal Website yet? Go to www.myqnsite.com to register for one!

See you soon at V-Malaysia 2011!