Last week QNet IT team came with a surprise update on your IR Personal Website in the form of the QNet Calendar, promising to be back with even more news this week. Today, they deliver, with two new widgets on your IR Personal Website that will be available next week!

Want to tell the world about your IR Personal Website? With the new tool bar, you can do just that! Facebook, tweet and share your business as you please. Go online even further with Social Media Add-ons available on your Share tool bar.

Measure your IR Personal Website popularity by activating the ‘Like’ box on your IR Personal Website! Simply click on ‘Administration’ on your tool bar > Website Setup > Select Theme > Select a theme you want with social media to add this widget and your Downlines and prospects can ‘like’ your website. The more ‘Like’s you’ve got, the further you can expand your QNet business on Facebook! If you don’t want the ‘Like’ box on your website anymore, you can just remove this widget any time you want.

The Share tool bar and 'Like' box will soon be available on your IR Personal Website.

Can’t wait to play with the new Add-ons and gadgets? The wait is short as they’re coming on next Tuesday, 24 May 2011!

If you don’t have your own IR Personal Website yet, go to to register for one!

For QNet Mobile Platform users, keep posted with your QNet Blog as we’ll shortly be bringing you some updates on new looks and features on the QNet Mobile Platform that you love!