Do you love surprises? We’re sure that many of you do. That’s why each year, QNet introduces you to new amazing products. And you know that when it comes to V-Malaysia, everything has to be BIG and SPECIAL!

This year is no different. QNet is preparing some new items to your eStore that we’re sure you’ll love. We’re supposed to keep them a secret but then thought we’d give you a preview to get you even more excited! So, here is a sneak peek of the new products that will be introduced at V-Malaysia 2011!

Your QNet business is growing every day. To support your business even further, QNet is actively expanding our product lines and product variety. And this year, we are planning to add one more product line to the many existing categories – Education!

Looking for holiday packages that suit you? The Holiday product line is also welcoming a new brand with new packages that answer your every holiday need!

Last but not least, discover a new communications service which allows you to get closer to your friends, family and business partners even more than before!

We wish we could tell you more but we really can’t. We hope that you will be at V-Malaysia because that’s where we will unveil MORE new products that will change your life and your QNet business!

Are you as excited as we are now? If you’re not going to be at the event, make sure to come back to this space next week to see what’s new in your eStore!