The highly-anticipated announcement is out! Three lucky ACL fans will be walking away with attractive QNet products, after taking part in the QNet-ACL Goal of the Month # 1 contest. Their entries, on why they like their favourite QNet product, were chosen as the best. All three of them also chose the correct best goal (goal #5 from Saudi Arabian Al Nassr’s Hussain Omar A Sulaimani).

The 1st prize, a Bernhard H. Mayer® Force Ultimate Watch, goes to Ms Widyawati Maria Sukma from Indonesia; the 2nd prize, an Umayal Sylvan Set, to Mr Muhammad Irfan Anwar from Saudi Arabia; and the 3rd prize, an Amezcua Lifestyle Set to Mr Ahmed Mohamed Ashraf SharafAwad from Egypt! Hearty congratulations to them!

A new round of the contest is now on. Don’t miss your chance at winning the attractive prizes! Click here to take part!