Each year for the biggest, most anticipated event of the year, QNet never fails to introduce you to exciting new launches, whether they’re from our product team, communications team or the IT team.

This year is no different. The QNet IT team has been working hard to improve your IR Personal Website to answer your every need. And we’re proud to announce that new features on your IR Personal Website are now available!

See all upcoming events, product launches and promos with QNet Calendar on your IR Personal Website. Available in day, week, month and year format, the QNet Calendar makes it easy for you to envision what’s to come throughout the year.

To access the calendar, simply click on ‘Calendar’ under the ‘Administration’ menu in the menu bar. To view the event schedule, simply put the cursor on the date.

And the QNet Event Calendar is not the only new feature on your IR Personal Website!

Want to tell the world about your IR Personal Website? With the new Add-on toolbar, you can do just that! Facebook, tweet and share your business as you please. Go online even further with Social Media tools available on your Share toolbar.

Measure your IR Personal Website popularity by activating the ‘Like’ box on your IR Personal Website! The more ‘Like’s you’ve got, the further you can expand your QNet business on Facebook!

A new, more user-friendly interface is now available for QNet Mobile Web Platform users! The icons are bigger with updated graphic. Now you access the Price List, eCard Settlement and Give Us Feedback more easily!

Haven’t got your own IR Personal Website yet? Go to www.myqnsite.com to register for one!

Can’t wait to see the new user interface on your mobile? The new QNet Mobile Platform user interface will be launched for the first time this coming Thursday, 26 May 2011!