If you thought the first half of the day was exciting, the second half just blew us away! V Founding Partner Mr Joseph Bismark and V Partner Mr TG Kintanar took the stage with presentations that left the IRs even more motivated.

Mr TG Kintanar talked about how far QNet has come — the business was founded in 1998 and now QI operational headquarters have moved into our own office building, QI Tower. Now we even have our very own university, Quest International University in Perak, Malaysia!

Mr TG Kintanar then posed the question, “How many Network Marketing companies can say that?”

Just as IRs are sometimes awestruck at meeting the V Partners, Mr TG Kintanar himself exclaimed, “I never thought I would shake the hand of Sir Richard Branson. It happened because of our partnership with Marussia Virgin.”

The sage Mr Joseph Bismark told the tale of a Zen master who taught his disciple that the path to success can be found when you learn to fight for it.

He continued to inspire with several videos: of Derek Redmond, an Olympic athlete who completed a race even when injured with the help of his father; and a clip from Rocky to remind us all that “it ain’t about how hard you hit… it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

Everyone cheered when Mr Joseph Bismark said, “There’s a season to sow, and a season to reap. You don’t do both in the same season.”

What have you learned today?