On Saturday, 14 May 2011, QNet through its philanthropic arm, RYTHM Foundation, organised a charity walk in aid of the Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI). Together with its IRs and the 13 other organisations that came forward to offer support, QNet was able to raise around USD 35,000.

Wife of the Vice-President of the Republic of Tanzania, Dr Mohammed Bilali (foreground, sixth from left) and Temeke District Commissioner, Chiku Galawa (far right with scarf) leading the RYTHM Foundation Charity Walk in aid of the Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI) organised by QNet.

Mama Asha, the wife of the Vice-President of the Republic of Tanzania, Dr Mohammed Bilali, agreed to officiate the charity walk due to the fact that she’s lost several loved ones to cancer.

“I am saddened that not just my relatives but many of my countrymen have fallen victim to cancer. And that’s why I am here to support this cause,” she said in an exclusive interview with QNet’s aspIRe Magazine.

Mama Ashaalso handed over to ORCI CEO, Dr Diwani Msemo, a 55kva generator costing USD 28,000 that was purchased from the proceeds of the event. The remaining money will be used to buy much needed medicine for poor patients at the hospital. On the dire need for the generator, Dr Msemo said power interruptions of up to six hours at a time, three times a week, had put a strain on the ORCI and the vital services it provides.

Mama Asha thanked QNet for organising the charity walk and hopes that RYTHM Foundation and QNet will not stop its wonderful work with just this one event.

The charity walk ended with participants as well as onlookers breaking out into songs in Swahili that touched on togetherness and unity.

Some other events that RYTHM Foundation and QNet have put together to aid those in need this year, were the RYTHM Foundation 2nd Year Walk for Life Charity and donating to the Thai Royal Navy in order to assist them in raising funds for the Thai Red Cross. This past Chinese New Year, RYTHM Foundation also started a new tradition of giving and sharing within the QI family by sharing through books. Through a week-long campaign called ‘Share Books, Share Knowledge’ the Foundation helped to collect and donate books to libraries of orphanages. If you would like to know more about the efforts RYTHM Foundation and QNet has made to ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’, please go to the website www.rythmfoundation.org.