Nature’s mystical charm and enduring beauty is evident in all that we see. Inspired by the profound elegance of Mother Nature, the Umayal Collection perceives beauty in the simplest things – the snowflakes of winter, the almost mythical creature of the deep. Umayal Collection’s latest tributes to nature are the Ice Queen Set* and the Nautilus Set*. Never taking nature for granted, the immaculate conception of these two ‘Odes to Nature’ combine the essence of nature’s ingenuity and the exquisite luxuriousness of gemstones.

Ice Queen Set

There are those who believe that winter is the season of renewal – a time when the earth goes to sleep and heals itself. And yet, though the land is gripped with cold, there is still a timeless beauty to be seen: in the shimmer of fresh snow in the sunlight, the glitter of icicles on the end of a branch, or the delicate tracks upon the landscape of creatures born to revel in a winter wonderland.

The splendour of shimmering snow-laden trees in winter has now been eternally emulated in the Ice Queen Set. The delicate beauty of stark, crystalline branches is captured in polished silver and accentuated with stunning fresh-water pearls that create a perfect focal point for each piece. Evoke the beauty of a winter’s day with the exquisite icy magnificence of the pendant and earrings in this matchless set.

Nautilus Set

As far back as the ancient Greeks, the shell of the chambered nautilus has been a symbol of perfection. Its perfect spiral geometry and pearlescent sheen have captivated artists and designers through the ages, inspiring them to reproduce striking likenesses of this almost-mystical cephalopod.

The transcendent beauty of the nautilus shell is reflected in the charismatic design of the Nautilus Set, which is set off by the sublime green of the peridot. The contrasting textures of polished and raw peridots combine to give the pieces a depth that’s exciting, yet elegant. The set offers versatility through a spectacular pendant that can be worn as a brooch; both options match perfectly with a pair of earrings that look equally stunning worn on their own.

More than just adorning yourself with the perfection of nature, you will also be making a difference to the world.  RYTHM or ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind,’ adheres to the fundamental philosophy ofsupporting, caring and building opportunities for those in need.  Therefore, a portion of the earnings from the sale of the Umayal Collection will be donated to RYTHM Foundation.

The Ice Queen Set and the Nautilus Set are now available in your eStore.

*Availability varies depending on country.