Every day seems to get more and more exciting! The fourth day saw V-Con’s first all-women’s talk dedicated to the fairer gender. Hosted by none other than VP Ms Donna Imson, the eye-opening session covered important topics based on questions from our female IRs to help them be successful in their business. The talk ended with female representatives of all the nations present at V-Malaysia 2011 on stage with their flags! There were also talks by VP Ranjit Singh, VP Arun George, AVP Cherian Mathew and AVP David Sharma.

While the IRs were busy, the V-Kids dropped by the QNet Pavilion to better understand what mum and dad do. These bright young things also gave us a small performance when they chanted what it means to be a V-Kid:

V-Kids rock! V-Kids are cool!
V-Kids will show you how to rule!

Oh, this handsome little guy also stopped by to say hello. What a cutie!

That evening, we had the most spectacular closing ceremony in QNet history! The atmosphere in Putra Stadium was absolutely electrifying. For one night, it seemed like all these people, all 10,000 IRs from around the world, danced together as one. It really felt like the closing ceremony of the Olympics!

There were special performances by Malaysian Idol winner Jaclyn Victor, the amazing Zainal Abidin and last, but definitely not least, superstar Sheila Majid, who dedicated the classic song Lagenda to V Founder and QI Group Executive Chairman, Dato’ Vijay Eswaran!

One of the best moments of the day was when the V-RYTHM award was presented to Narayanan Krishnan, “Companion of the Forgotten” as the YouTube video so nicely puts it. The award recognises those who epitomise charity, compassion and mercy. At 29, the selfless Narayanan Krishnan gave up his job as a rising star chef to feed the mentally ill destitutes in the south Indian of Madurai. In nine years, he has served over 1.2 million meals, come rain or shine!

He invested his own savings to start the non-profit Akshaya Trust, which survives on kind donations. We’re glad that the USD 25,000 from the V-RYTHM award will be able to help him with his cause. Care to help? Make a contribution to his Akshaya Trust today. Come on, heroes shouldn’t have to fight alone!

Wrapping up the night were insightful talks by V Founder and QI Group Executive Chairman Dato’ Vijay Eswaran and V Founding Partner Joseph Bismark.

Be sure you’re there tomorrow for the last day of V-Con!