It’s the biggest, most anticipated event of the year dedicated specially for our IRs, and even if V-Malaysia 2011 officially closes on 31 May 2011, we have decided to give our IRs just one big cherry on top of the cake!

Due to an exceedingly high demand for QNet products exhibited at the Product Pavilion, we are EXTENDING FOR ONE MORE DAY to allow all our V-Con participants to shop for as many QNet products as they want to bring home!

Why will you want to shop at QNet Product Pavilion?

Well, first, each product booth is manned by qualified and trained staff who are ready to assist you and provide all the product information you need for a sound and happy purchase. They will be more than willing guide you through the purchasing process until you pick-up the product, which doesn’t really take much time at all!

It is also here at the QNet Product Pavilion of V-Malaysia 2011 that you have the exclusive firsthand viewing of the launches of the newest QNet products which are not available yet in your eStore!

What else? Since you are here to pick-up the products yourself, the product pick-up fee is waived and so is the S&H fee!  Isn’t that great?

So what are you waiting for? If you’re at the event, shop till drop with us! It’s a once-a-year opportunity so don’t miss it!