And oh, what a night it was! Let me tell you, the team really knows how to put on a show. Fantastic job, guys!

We were lucky enough to be seated in the stadium before the crowds rolled in. Watching them rush in and fill up the seats was a sight in itself! The heart-thumping music pumped up the energy levels to create an atmosphere I can only describe as electrifying.

For one night, it seemed like all these people, all 10,000 IRs from around the world, danced together as one, flags waving in harmony. It really felt like the closing ceremony of the Olympics! Even our V leaders were spotted dancing their hearts out!

The night continued with special performances by Malaysian Idol winner Jaclyn Victor, the amazing Zainal Abidin and last, but definitely not least, superstar Sheila Majid who even dedicated the classic song Lagenda to V Founder and QI Group Executive Chairman, Dato’ Vijay Eswaran!