What is your skin type: dry, normal, combination or oily? No matter what your skin type or condition is, Physio Radiance is proven to be the right skin care for you. Let’s hear the impressive stories from some of our Hong Kong Physio Radiance Ambassadors!

“I have normal skin. I never used any skin care products before, except using glycerine during winter. 

“I have been using Physio Radiance for one month and three weeks. It’s great! My skin is smoother and clearer. The fine lines and wrinkles on my face are getting lighter. My friends say I look much younger than before. Physio Radiance is also easy to use and has no side effects.“I love it Physio Radiance!”

– Rosalinda Garibay Ico


“I used to have dry, flaky skin. For many years, I unsuccessfully looked for something that could keep my skin moisturised. 

“Once I started using Physio Radiance, I’ve been extremely happy with its fantastic results. Now my skin is softer, smoother, more elastic and moisturised. I look much younger than before!“What I like most about Physio Radiance is that it’s the perfect skin care product for all skin types.”

– Indar Wati


“I have combination skin. I noticed a difference the first time I started using Physio Radiance. My skin felt softer and cleaner. Physio Radiance is definitely an incredible product!” – Purwanti
“Before this, my skin was in a very bad condition. However, after using Physio Radiance for about a month, my facial skin becomes smoother and hydratious. The pores on my face are getting smaller. Comfort Emulsion Cleanser and Extreme Anti-Oxidant Serum are what I like most about Physio Radiance!” – Wasiti
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