Have you ever heard the saying ‘imitation is the highest form of flattery’? Well we’re most definitely flattered when, from time to time, we uncover fake Bio Discs being pedaled on eBay and other online stores.

Fake Swiss watches, replica designer handbags and counterfeit sunglasses are now joined by replica Amezcua Bio Discs! Don’t you think that tells you something about the popularity of the original energy and wellness companion?

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Jokes aside, we take this issue very seriously and move quickly to remove fakes from from the marketplace as quickly as possible. While the Amezcua brand name may be omitted, QNET’s exact product descriptions from our brochures and websites are often used.

Just because it looks and sounds like the Amezcua Bio Disc, doesn’t make it real. We understand customers may be upset when they discover Amezcua Bio Discs seemingly priced much cheaper than QNET’s. You may think, ‘Have I paid too much?’ The answer is, no! These discs are just too cheap to be true!

You already know the difference between a genuine iPhone and a fake device sold by an unauthorised distributor. And you know also know that a ‘designer’ handbag or watch advertised in a spam email, sold on the street or through a dodgy profile on an e-commerce site are not the same as the authentic real deal. The same applies to the Amezcua Bio Disc.

Replica items are not genuine. Their quality and properties are not guaranteed by us.  Most probably the Amezcua manufacturer has never heard of these items before and has no idea where they are made. You don’t expect Prada handbags sold on the pavement to be authentic, and neither are replica bio discs.

The manufacturing process of Amezcua products is very complicated and technology driven, requiring special equipment. This proprietary process is based on years of continuous research and study.

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The quality of products purchased from an unauthorised distributor and not shipped by QNET is not guaranteed.

We periodically receive and test fake Amezcua Bio Discs and none have proven to be authentic. Do not be fooled by convincing packaging, even if it seems to be exactly the same as the original – the critical energising and harmonising properties are simply not there!

With QNET, you pay for proven and certified Amezcua products combined with a stable business opportunity. So why look elsewhere?

If you have any questions or concerns about a products’ authenticity, please do not hesitate to contact us on global.support@qnet.net.