Close to 2,000 QNet Malaysia IRs flocking to Kuala Lumpur’s Sime Darby Convention Centre for the hotly anticipated launch of the enhanced compensation plan, QNet 2.

An exciting new era in the QNet business was brought to Malaysia with a bang on the weekend, with close to 2,000 QNet Malaysia IRs flocking to Kuala Lumpur’s Sime Darby Convention Centre on Saturday 04 June for the hotly anticipated launch of the enhanced compensation plan, QNet 2. And when we say “with a BANG!”, we mean it! At the end of the night, the room was ablaze with a bright laser and smoke show befitting of such a mega launch!

But before the fireworks, the launch event hosted some of the company’s most powerful speakers, including none other than the man who started it all in Malaysia 13 years ago, Founding V Partner and QI Executive Chairman Dato’ Vijay Eswaran. The iconic Malaysian and our Grand Upline closed the event with a speech about the future of the company, and how it will all once again begin in Malaysia… with QNet 2!

Fellow Founding V Partner and QI Group Managing Director, Mr Joseph Bismark, also took to the stage to give thanks and appreciation to Malaysia for being the “network marketing capital of the world” and for “introducing network marketing to me all those years ago”.

Joining the who’s who of QNet at the launch was QNet Executive Chairperson and V Partner Ms Donna Imson, who reminded the audience that “while facts may tell… it is stories that sell!”. Ms Donna went on to explain that to have a true story about a product to share with customers and prospects, one must first be a “product of your product”. She encouraged everyone to not only listen to the product presentations being made by experts at the launch, but to use the products themselves at home in order to understand them and to create a story of their own – and with QNet 2, you can be better rewarded for your own personal repeat purchases!

QNet Managing Director Mr JR Mayer (left) and The V Managing Director Mr Pathman Senathirajah (right) before going on stage to introduce the QNet 2.

QNet Managing Director Mr JR Mayer was also on hand to introduce QNet 2 and was greeted by a warm reception of eager networkers proud to call QNet their home and excited to call QNet 2 their vehicle to success! Mr Mayer reiterated what could be seen on the stage backdrop: with QNet 2, products repeat the sales, while YOU repeat the rewards!

V Partner Mr Sathi Senathirajah was another popular mentor who addressed the crowd with a speech about the value of merging strong aspects of the original QNet compensation plan, with the new enhancements of QNet 2, and what this means for a networker’s bottom line. Continuing the star-studded affair was QI Regional Director for Malaysia and V Partner Mr Kuna Senathirajah, who spoke with pride to the Malaysian audience about the bright path ahead with QNet 2 and its portfolio of consumable lifestyle products.

Coming off the back of leading yet another hugely successful V-Convention, V Managing Director and V Partner Mr Pathman Senathirajah, was still full of energy as he stepped up to the stage to officially welcome Malaysia to QNet 2. Mr Pathman announced that it was Malaysia that had been chosen as the first country to benefit from the enhanced compensation plan – QNet 2 – before it was rolled out to the rest of the QNet world later in the year.

Our compensation plan expert himself, QI Director for Information Technology & Telecommunications and V Partner Mr TG Kintanar, was the man to personally present and explain the enhancements to the plan, which has been designed to better support the sales of consumable products.

Local Malaysia leaders VC Kalai, Ustaz Ridhuan, and Ms Thejasviny were also brought up on stage to give testimonies about their life and success with QNet, inspiring the thousands of local networkers in the crowd.

Happy QNet Malaysia IRs at the QNet 2 Launch event.

The QNet 2 launch event featured world-class product display exhibits and also insightful on-stage product presentations to introduce the new products that will help drive QNet 2 – herbal stamina supplement Vexta, black seed nutritional supplement Avita Seeds, vitality enhancer NutriSky, eco-friendly Bio Cleanz degreaser, and of course, the popular second generation Amezcua Bio Disc 2! These new products were given plenty of stage time, and were also clear crowd favourites in the exhibition area.

Also causing a stir was the merchandise store, with QNet clothing, stationery, magazines, backpacks, badges and more being snapped up and then worn right there at the event! There was no waiting once our IRs had their hands on the amazing merchandise available, and before we knew it, the crowd was awash with colourful QNet T-Shirts and hats, and black QNet-Marussia Virgin Racing Formula 1 apparel!

If you attended the QNet 2 launch event, feel free to share your photos and stories with us on our Facebook page, or leave your comments right here on the QNet Blog!

And if you’re not from Malaysia but want to know what all the hype is about, don’t worry… QNet 2 is coming your way soon!