With an aim to be the best in what we do, QNet has again excelled in our role in the industry, and we are pleased to announce that QNet is now officially a member of the prestigious organisation of the Hong Kong Health Food Association (HKHFA).

Established in April 2005, the HKHFA is a non-profit, authoritative and publicly trusted organisation with wide industry representation in health food businesses and international vision. Not only does HKHFA play a proactive role in participating with the Hong Kong government’s policy-making process relating to the regulation of health food to ensure the industry’s integrity and the public’s safety, it also responds quickly to news and events involving health food in order to protect the interest of its members. Moreover, HKHFA collaborates with local organisations and media in order to promote public education on the safe and proper use of health food products. In order to become a part of HKHFA, its prospect members have to pass its strict regulations, display self-discipline, promote communication between the government, the industry and the consumer – all of which are the values that QNet identifies with.

Not only part of a nationally recognised organisation, QNet has also become part of an international alliance. In December 2005, HKHFA became a member of the International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Association (ISDSA), headquartered in Belgium. The Organisation has over 50 Association members from different parts of the globe coming together to share research resources in order to increase the worldwide standard of the health food industry.

“We are extremely proud and honoured to be recognised for our dedication to the Health Food Industry by such a respectable organisation as Hong Kong Health Food Association,” says Mr Joseph Lo, QNet’s Operations Development Manager.  “As a member of HKHFA, we aim to continue to excel in our role and ensure our integrity within the industry while at the same time making the public’s safety our main concern.”

This was not the first time QNet has been exceptionally honoured by the Hong Kong community. QNet was also recognised and awarded as a Caring Company for 2010/2011 by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS). The award is only given to companies operating in Hong Kong that have demonstrated good corporate citizenship as exemplified by their continued efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Apart from being a member of HKHFA, QNet is also affiliated with several health and consumer oriented organisations including being an accepted member of the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore (HSIAS), a trade association of health supplement companies in Singapore that works toward shaping policies and regulations of the industry and also an established member of the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE).

To learn more about HKHFA, please visit www.hkhfa.org.