The word woman is one simple word, but plays such a large role in society – a daughter; a mother; a wife; a householder; a businessperson; a friend. Modern women are now holding top spots in the world of business and finance.  If Network Marketing is the future of the business industry, Ms Donna Imson, QNet Executive Chairperson, is one of the most powerful women behind it.

The Obtainer Worldwide, the biggest MLM and direct sales magazine in Europe and the Middle East, ran an issue of women at the top in the Network Marketing business in May. As one of the most influential female figures in this business, Ms Donna Imson, was selected to appear on the cover of the magazine!

This issue not only talks about the influential women power that affects the Network Marketing business, but you will also find an article on the 3rd Charitable Handicapped Exhibition in the UAE that QNet and RYTHM Foundation sponsored as well as a teaser of this year’s V-Malaysia, the company’s biggest event that impresses us all, even today.

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