Have you heard the news? Have you seen it? QNet has just launched a new look for your website. To keep in pace with the new and exciting product launches at V-Malaysia 2011 recently, QNet is proud to present to you a suave new makeover for www.qnet.net. With new and enhanced features, surfing the QNet website will give you a whole new and delightful experience; one that is as interesting and enjoyable as it is informative and knowledgeable! It makes for a great prospecting tool when showing your customers and prospects about the international, 13-year-old lifestyle company that you call home, as well as its diverse product range, awards, history, sports sponsorships, great photos, downloads, movies, magazines, competitions, and more!

Designed with accessibility and user-friendly applications in mind, our website’s new look is something definitely worth checking out. Our ‘optimised click’ makes it easier for you to access any of our web contents and find whatever you need. With just a click, you can visit any part of our website! And of course, here at QNet, we speak your language! With ten languages available in a handy drop-down language options on the top right-hand side of the orange menu bar, if English isn’t for you, then you can choose from Arabic, Azeri, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese (Traditional), Farsi, French, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish! The options are almost overwhelming!

It is not only easier to use and access, but the overall performance of the website has also increased. In our rapidly advancing world, time is money. That’s why we’ve shortened the download time for all contents and brochures within our website so that you can finish a download in just the blink of an eye. Not only are the download times shorter, the overall navigation within our site is faster too.

And the change doesn’t stop there – to top it all off, we have added a touch of aesthetics to fully complete our makeover. With our enhanced panoramic design and theme renovation, QNet’s website is reborn.

We all know that after V-Malaysia  you can get updated brochures and promotional materials!  So are you ready for the new product brochures, movies and more? If you were at V-Malaysia 2011, you had the great opportunity to purchase these fantastic marketing materials – your QNet Business Planner & Product Portfolio – but if you weren’t at the event, you can still get digital versions right here on www.qnet.net!

And be sure to check out the QNet sub-sites as well!

www.qnet.net/aspIRe for all your aspIRe magazines eBooks, featuring stories, photos, event news, product highlights, stories from your fellow IRs, profiles of QNet movers and shakers, helpful advice for your business, and everything you need to balance business, lifestyle and success.

www.qnet.net/Sports for all you need to know about QNet’s growing world of thrilling sports sponsorships, such as motorsports, football, hockey, rugby and basketball, with competitions, season calendars, photos, reports, and more!

www.qnet.net/VFan for your insider’s access to the Marussia Virgin Racing team, thanks to QNet’s own VFan, who steps out from behind her desk as Head of QNet Communications & Marketing, to go behind the scenes of the fascinating world of Formula One as the QNet VFan!

Faster, prettier and more accessible – want to see for yourself? Check out your website’s new look today and let us know what you think or what else we can do to improve our website by leaving us a comment here!