One of the network marketing profession’s most popular speakers, QNet’s Executive Chairperson, Ms Donna Imson, has again been invited to speak at the Elite Networkers Conference taking place 2 – 3 July 2011 in Singapore. As a special guest speaker, Ms Donna will present the topic that she believes will have a major impact on the Network Marketing industry. She shares this news on her blog.

Having been recognised as one of the most influential women in network marketing by the OBTAINER Magazine and Networking Times magazine, Ms Donna will be sharing her thoughts on a gender issue which is evidently crucial for the Network Marketing industry. Did you know that women make up a staggering majority in this profession? Whether you are male or female, understanding this factor and how it can be used is vital for your success!

If you live in Singapore or plan to visit next week, do not miss the exciting opportunity to hear Ms Donna at the Elite Networkers Conference 2011! This yearly event brings together the leaders and top professionals of network marketing. Get more details and your ticket here.