Do you want to see your energy levels in different parts of yourbody? Would you want to compare your energy level before and after using QNet’s energy products by yourself for you and other users? Do you want to detect your meridian imbalances before your body gets worse from those conditions? Now there’s something that can help you do all of that. Just imagine how thrilled your prospects would be at seeing for themselves the advantage of owning a QNet energy product!

Introducing, the new iCheck Energy Diagnostic System – a wellness diagnostic device that works on the basis of the Meridian Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice.This device can detect your wellness status in just a matter of 15 minutes and generate an objective and analytical wellness assessment by reading your 24 meridian acupuncture points (12 on the left and 12 on the right) via the bio-current circulating within your body. It then analyses its findings by comparing your body’s readings to its clinical database. Your health data reading will be automatically generated into an easy-to-follow Excel Spreadsheet and chart.

Despite its sophisticated and progressive technology, the iCheck Energy Diagnostic System is surprisingly simple to use. Simply connect the portable device to your PC/laptop to check your energy level. IRs, what better way to help you sell your products than to have such a device on hand? Use the iCheck to help demonstrate the effectiveness of your QNet energy products by having your prospects compare their energy level before and after the use of a product.

The iCheck is user-friendly, safe (non-invasive) and convenient – in just a few steps, you can start using it. It is also portable, does not require any batteries and can be used on any PC or Windows-based laptop. You can check your body’s energy condition with the iCheck Energy Diagnostic System anytime and anywhere you want!

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This product does not substitute for advice or information provided by your physician. In addition, please consult your physician or health care professional for further information on specific medical conditions or symptoms that you may have.