Ms Donna speaking at the event.

Earlier this month, prominent network marketing leaders and shakers gathered in Singapore for the yearly Elite Networkers Conference,  Asia’s most accomplished yearly conference for network marketing professionals. Here in QNet, we were especially looking forward to the event as our Executive Chairperson, the charismatic Ms Donna Imson, was invited as a special guest speaker this year. Sharing the floor with Todd Falcone, Josephine Gross, Francis and Marisa Taye, Onyx Coale, Benjamin B.C.Tan and other Network Marketing professionals and experts, Ms Donna rocked the audience with her speech.

With both her motivational and rational approach, she spoke about the biggest trend impacting organisations for the 21st century. As women make up the staggering majority in network marketing, they are the heart of an organisation. This is something companies must remember in order to achieve and retain success. Speaking about the role of women in this business, Ms Donna further added that both genders work best in synergy, playing up each other’s strengths. She also shared the ‘W’ factors of the business today: Wonderful Wonder Women; Welcoming Weaknesses; Working With Each Other.

Ms Donna has always been a strong advocate of women empowerment in general and she believes that Network Marketing is a perfect field for this. Having turned to this business years ago as a single mother who desperately needed to support her children, Ms Donna has grown into an accomplished leader and an internationally recognised motivational speaker. She shares her insights on why this business is perfect for women on her personal blog.