When you sign up with QNet, you expect to have the best service in your business and that is what we give you. With the NSG, QNet is able to provide you with the support you need for your business in every possible way.

QNet is present in countries all over the world and to better serve your needs, our industry-accredited the 24/7 NSG Multilingual Contact Centre can help you in your own language. Yes, 18 languages are available at the 24/7 NSG Multilingual Contact Centre!

And to further aid you in your business, we’re happy to announce the newest service from QNet’s NSG … where IRs in specific regions can now contact us via specific local emails in their own language and we’ll reply back in your preferred language! If you live in one of these seven regions and have questions about your QNet business, just email us in your preferred language to the email addresses below:

Central Asia: ca.nsg@qnet.net
(Available languages: English and Russian)

Persia: persian.nsg@qnet.net

(Available languages: English and Persian)

Turkey: nsgturkey@qnet.net

(Available languages: English and Turkish)

India : nsg@questnet-india.com

(Available language: English)

Middle East: me.nsg@qnet.net

(Available languages: English and Arabic)

Africa: africa.nsg@qnet.net

(Available languages: English, Arabic and French)

Russia: russia.nsg@qnet.net

(Available languages: English and Russian)

With QNet, we always bring you the best.