High atmosphere at the Product Ambassador Training Programme in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, July 2011

Following the great success of QNet’s Product Training Programme in South East Asia, QNet headed to the Middle East to conduct the Product Ambassador Training Programme in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A two-day intensive training on Physio Radiance and HomePure was held in two cities – Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

More than 270 IRs were very eager to learn about the scientific information and research of Physio Radiance and HomePure as both products are essential to the UAE market due to its geographical location. Water is a rare resource in the region and the sun is a major cause of skin aging. Miss Heba Khalil, Environmental Engineer, was invited to join HomePure trainings to explain about the water situation in the country whilst Dr Maali Tawbeh, Skin Doctor, educated our IRs about how the sun damages our skin. After the two local experts provided technical facts, QNet Product Trainer, Mr Ashley Williams, gave details on how HomePure’s process of water purification as well as the stages of water filtration benefit the users and how the key ingredients in Physio Radiance help to slow down the aging process in the cellular level, making your skin look and feel younger!

In addition to the product training, our UAE IRs also gained valuable insights on product presentation skills; giving them the much-needed confidence to present the products to prospective customers. Stay tuned for an update on our Product Ambassador Training Programme. The next training could be in your country!