Do you know the downside of being a big successful company with millions of supporters all over the world? And yes, in case you were wondering, there can actually be downsides to this. Our major challenge is when other companies try to use our good name or our exclusive product brands to swindle people into that company’s pyramid schemes or try to establish their false credibility by associating themselves with QNet. While our professional legal team takes action against individuals and companies behind those illegal actions, we try to keep you informed so you are not misled by illegal schemes that may use QNet as their façade. Also, this way you can warn your potential customers and answer their questions.

Not so long ago, we warned you about replica bio discs being available online and have emphasised that unless the products are purchased from the QNet eStore, we do not guarantee their quality and authenticity. After all, how can we know what it is?

But, unfortunately, frauds and scams do not just end there. We were recently informed that a company in Kazakhstan, SYSTEM TRUST (which claims to be registered in the United States but does not have its full website in English – just think about that!), claims they hold partnerships with various MLM companies, including QNet, promising unrealistic incomes and other false claims. For example, they offer a chance of earning up to a million USD during your first year in the business. If you have already been in this business for some time, you would be aware that such claims are exaggerated. This is a scam! But sadly, we know if people are desperate for financial security and stability, they can be swindled into the ‘business’. After all, who would not want to make a million dollars during their first year?

We officially state that QNet Ltd has no relations with any companies, either in Kazakhstan or in any other countries, that claim to help you ‘enter the QNet business’ through third party websites. Registration can only be conducted through QNet’s official site. For localised companies, you can only register on their official websites.

Sadly, companies like SYSTEM TRUST compromise the well-earned integrity of QNet, as well as the whole MLM profession, a profession that is both legitimate and internationally recognised. No serious company would claim the amount of money you will make in a week, month or year! Remember, that making such claims and even giving your own example is prohibited by QNet’s Policies & Procedures. Our business is not a get-rich-quick scheme and your success depends on your efforts!

Have you spotted QNet-related contents and think it may be a scam? Contact us via NSG  or your nearest agency office!