iCheck Energy Diagnostic System

Have you ever wondered how your energy level varies throughout the day? In general, you feel fully charged in the morning and as time passes, you become less active? Or perhaps it is the other way around for our – tired in the morning and then energetic in the evening? With QNet’s iCheck Energy Diagnostic System, you can diagnose your and other’s energy status in just 15 minutes, allowing you to keep track of your own energy level. This is a fantastic tool when you demonstrate QNet’s energy products to your prospects. In 15 minutes, you can generate results from using energy products like Veloci-Ti pendants, Amezcua energy products, the Bernard H. Mayer® Force Watch and more, to prove their efficiency.

The iCheck Energy Diagnostic System is a wellness diagnostic device that works based on the Meridian Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice. It reads your 24 meridian acupuncture points (12 on the left and 12 on the right) via the bio-current within your body and then enters the information gathered into the database analysis system to compare with a clinical database.

Imagine how beneficial this device can be to you, your loved ones and your business! Portable, safe (non-invasive), convenient and user-friendly, the iCheck Energy Diagnostic System is a must have product for every IR. Discover iCheck Energy Diagnostic System in your eStore today! Click here for more information on the iCheck Energy Diagnostic System.


This product does not substitute for advice or information provided by your physician. In addition, please consult your physician or health care professional for further information on specific medical conditions or symptoms that you may have.