Great News! You can now use your Quest Account to directly purchase products you desire – hassle free!

Currently, there are two types of payment available in your eStore: credit card and eCard. But have you accumulated lots of dollars in your Quest Account from all your commissions and want to know how to make use of those dollars, save time, and avoid having to transfer your earned commission to your bank account? Do you want to skip the tiresEditome paper work?

We know you do! That’s why we’re introducing the new Quest Account Payment Option!

How is this done? Simply visit your World Plan eStore and use the commission in your QA to purchase any QNet product. When you purchase products through your Quest Account, your purchase(s) will be automatically deducted from your current balance and a Quest Account Settlement Advice will be sent to your registered email address with details of your eStore Payment. After purchase, your receipt will show payment details as follows “Your Quest Account has been debited with reference number: xxxxxxxxxxx.”

The eStore QA Payment Option requires the same security validation as you use when accessing your QA and is available to World Plan IRs only.

So if you have something you’ve wanted to purchase from your eStore, but haven’t because of all the hassle, worry no more! Visit your eStore now to learn how easy it is to get the products you love – hassle free! Contact your Upline or NSG for more details.