Fifty-five dynamic leaders coming from all over Indonesia attended the Leader Advancement, The V Elite Leader and The V Leader Certification Programme on 26 and 27 July 2011 in the QNet Surabaya office.

Organised by The V and QNet, the programmes were held to seek dynamic new leaders, fully develop the networking industry in Indonesia, and also create a stable foundation for the leaders’ career paths and on to the next stages.

Having fulfilled certain criteria, graduates of the programme will be designated as “V Elite Leaders” and will become an extension of The V, Indonesia – receiving support in penetrating new market, both domestic and international.  The highlight of the programme was when Lead NSO Veronika presented QNet’s Compensation

Plan and Policy & Procedures (P&P).  Many participants observed that there are still so many things to learn about the Plan and P&P!

Popular facilitators included Jagan Mohan and Kunan R from The V, and Wita Dahlan, Veronika Desi, Ely and other QNet teams who helped make the sessions run smoothly.

The programme ended with an ‘examination’ where all participants had to demonstrate their understanding of QNet – including its operations, history, principles, products, P&P – as well as expected behaviour from a QNet IR.